Thoriated Tungsten Electrodes WT30

Thoriated Tungsten Electrodes Picture

Thoriated tungsten electrodes is currently one of the best varieties of tungsten electrode welding performance, the work function is low, effectively reduce the welding pollution, and high carrying capacity, easy arc starting and stability, long service life, high market share.

Thorium oxide content of which is 3%,, the electrode specifications for 2.4 mm X150 mm, belonging to the general specifications. Thorium tungsten electrode and other common specifications: diameter of 1.6 mm, 3.2 mm, length 150 mm, 175 mm.

Although rare earth element electrode containing thorium are radioactive elements, but belongs to the low level radioactive hazard, in the case of various excellent welding performance indicators are better than the pure tungsten or tungsten and other alloy electrode, many users still choose to use thorium tungsten electrode.