Thoriated Tungsten Electrodes WT10

Thoriated Tungsten Electrodes Picture

Thoriated Tungsten Electrodes is a kind of alloy electrode, is adding rare earth element thorium in pure tungsten (thorium dioxide).According to the proportion of thorium oxide electrode,the thoriated tungsten electrodes is divided into four different trademarks,WT10,WT20,WT30 and WT40,respectively.

WT10 thorium tungsten electrode, wherein the content of thorium oxide is 1%, the electrode specifications is Ø2.4 mm X150 mm. Thorium tungsten electrode due to the strong current carrying capacity, low work function, easy arc starting, long life, wide range of applications.

Trademarks for WT10 thorium tungsten electrode in the welding process can be maintained sharpened tip that can be used under the direct electric welded steel environment.